1. Initial Instructions - Upon receipt of your instructions, a consultant will be allocated to work on your particular requirements and through discussion will establish the job description/person specification for the position in question.

2. Candidate Selection - Having agreed the specific criteria above, a search of our computerised database will be undertaken to identify potentially, suitable candidates. Each candidates CV will then be assessed to establish its suitability before proceeding further.

3. Candidate Availability/interest - Candidates that have been assessed as being suitable will then be contacted to ensure that:

a. They are currently available for consideration.

b. They are actively interested in the position.

4. Candidate Submissions - CV's of all relevant/suitable candidates would then be forwarded to yourselves in the most appropriate manner, for your consideration 

5. Interview Arrangements - In the event that you should wish to consider any of the candidates submitted, we will upon receipt of your instructions make any arrangements on your behalf to facilitate this.

6. Commencement - In the event that any of the candidates submitted by Premier Personnel commence employment with the client then an introduction fee in line with our standard fee scale will be charged, based on the candidate's first year basic salary, excluding bonuses, will be invoiced to the client.

7. Additional Services - Any additional services required by the client to assist in the recruitment & subsequent mobilization of candidates can be provided at additional cost. Details can be provided upon request.